Liquin is a collaborative sound duo, working alongside Andrew Hart.
 Performing a layered collage of detritus, accidental recordings, samples stemming from research in respective projects. These are passed between two stations, modulated and built up. The project stemmed from conversations around the genesis of abstract painting.

In Febuary 2020 Liquin curated a program celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Hoxton 253. It consisted of video screenings, sound performances, and sound-based installations in the space.

The screening included 20 videos by a wide range of artists including Larry Achiampong, Diane Chire, Serena Huang, Beverley Bennett amongst many others. The videos were selected for the use of sound in its various forms.

The main gallery space was inhabited by three sound installations by Janek Nixon, Serena Huang, Andrew Hart and a blown light peice by Joshua Kerley.